About this blog…

My name is Rose Beede, and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Washington majoring in Human Centered Design and Engineering. I am also minoring in Marine Biology and Mathematics.

Right now I am just starting out on a couple of ongoing projects. The purpose of this blog is to provide public documentation for these projects, which will probably be quite useful to me later.

My first project is the Grawmet. Grawmet is a Fused Deposition 3D printer kit developed by WOOF (Washington Open Object Fabricators). I recently joined WOOF, and will be building the second edition of the Grawmet once it has finished being developed, which may take a couple of weeks. More can be found out about the Grawmet here: http://open3dp.me.washington.edu/2012/06/grawmet-is-coming/

My second project that is just getting underway is the Traffic Light Arduino. This is something I am working on with Professor Andrew Davidson at UW. The Traffic Light Arduino is indeed an old traffic light from Seattle wired up to an arduino program that tells it to turn on and off in different patters. Right now it can count to 7 in binary, count to 7 in binary interactively, and also has a fully interactive mode. In December we (that is the HCDE department) used it as an interactive display at a computer science discovery fair for middle schoolers.

Finally, I have other random things that I might write about, including stuff related to WOOF, HCDE, and just my own stuff.

That’s all for now.


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