Research Group! (and some graphic design)

Professor Davidson and I were talking about the Traffic Light Arduino again, and that project has now been set for Spring quarter. This may seem like a bad thing initially, since I won’t be getting started on it for another few weeks, but the good news far outweighs the bad. I am going to be in a research group! Professor Davidson  decided that the Traffic Light project was cool enough to make it, and some other projects, into a research group. In this group we will be exploring physical computing and get some hands-on experience building software and hardware. We will be developing a couple things that, like the Traffic Light, can be used for teaching demonstrations. I am pretty excited since teaching and building/designing are both things I am passionate about and love doing. If you want to know more about professor Davidson’s research group, see the link:

As for other things that are going on right now, I also have a small design project going for my Fundamentals of Human Centered Design and Engineering class that has to do with navigating places to get food on the UW campus. I’ve been doing graphic design for that, as well as a bit of user research. Once it is finished at the end of the quarter I may post about it.

And speaking of graphic design, this morning I was talking to a friend about a concert that I couldn’t go to. To make up for this regrettable fact, I spent about 2o minutes rebuilding their logo in Photoshop.



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