Mobile App Prototyping

As mentioned briefly earlier, I am in the midst of a group design project for my Introduction to Human Centered Design and Engineering class. Our project proposal is to design a system (which the group narrowed down to mobile app) in which students can find out what foods our campus residential dining halls and restaurants are serving any given day. On Saturday night the user research half of my group informed the design half (me and two other people), that we should have a working prototype of our app for our presentation on Monday.

So, over Sunday between doing other things I managed to put together a prototype. I tried out using Axure, but in the end used Muse, since I am familiar with that program. It’s far from perfect, but I’m pretty happy since I had no idea how to go about making a working prototype two days ago.

That being said, here is a screenshot.


I won’t go into detail about the design thought process here, but I may come back to this project after we finalize our design and give our final presentation.

And finally, a note about Grawmet. As of this week, the second edition kit (which I am going to be building) should be out by spring quarter.


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