Collecting Milk Jugs

Planning is underway for WOOF’s Seafair Milk Carton Derby entry this summer. For those who don’t know, Seafair is an annual summer festival we have here in Seattle, and the Milk Carton Derby is an event where people race boats made out of milk cartons. These tend to be very elaborate rafts, sometimes quite large and creative, and often held together with duct tape. Since WOOF is a 3D printing club however, ours entry will be a bit different.

WOOF entered a 3D printed boat (made from recycled milk jugs, of course) for the first time the Milk Carton Derby last year. We made a tiny boat that managed to come in second. More on that can be seen here:

This year we plan to build a much bigger boat, and get in a test print or two. This means we will need a LOT of HDPE plastic milk jugs. Printing will be done on Big Red, a giant fused deposition printer made from a plasma cutter, but more on that later. (In the meantime, there is a cool article on Big Red here: Anyway, based on the number of milk jugs used last year, it’s estimated we may need around 1000. Since I am on the Boat Team at WOOF, this past week I have started to collect and horde milk jugs.

First I managed to get a couple from my friend, Ransom, and today I tried going to a couple Starbucks in town. This proved to be quite fruitful. The Starbucks people seemed happy to hand over the contents of their trash cans, which were mostly milk jugs.


After today, I now have almost a full trash bag full. I feel quite productive.


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