Quinn’s Printer

Yesterday I managed to get a good amount of work done on Quinn’s Grawmet 3D Printer.

Quinn’s printer is a first edition Grawmet being built by a girl named (you guessed it) Quinn. She got tiered of working on it, and so I volunteered to finish it. I don’t have my own second edition Grawmet yet, and finishing Quinn’s printer will be good practice.

When I got it, the base and the z axis parts had been assembled. However, the base was pretty wobbly. I got Matt to look at it for a second opinion, and ended up pretty much taking the whole thing appart and re-drilling holes in the base (see figure 1). Now that the base is more steady, I’ll be working on reassembling the printer to where it was previously.




Figure 1. The base of Quinn’s printer, upside down, with new holes drilled.


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