Further Development of the Traffic Light Arduino Project


Figure 1. Traffic Light Arduino project in the midst of work.

The project vision for Traffic Light Arduino (TLA) has grown considerably since I last wrote on it. (For some background information on the TLA, see my About page.) At first, the idea (that originated with professor Andy) was to create a teaching demo for binary numbers. Then someone else in the department had the idea to also use the traffic lights to time class presentations. The new vision is to use the TLA as a platform for as many uses as someone is willing to write Arduino code for. Future plans include making the system wireless, improving the hardware (right now there are a lot of messy wires), and adding red, yellow, and green LEDs in the system for testing and debugging purposes.


Figure 2. TLA wiring, with the Arduino board on the right, and buttons used to control the TLA as well as some debugging LEDs on the left.


Figure 3. Circuit diagram for one button.

Anyway, if you happen to drop by the HCDE Design Lab, the TLA is now hanging up and almost ready for use!


Figure 4. TLA hanging up!


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