ECHO Team Updater App

Recently I’ve been working on a web project that I am calling the “ECHO Team Updater App.”

At the University of Washington, there is a giant, week-long game of Humans vs. Zombies tag. A few friends of mine are enthusiastic players of this game, and together we have a small attach squad called ECHO Team. Our team captain, who also happens to be a fellow programer, created a website for ECHO team. This website (being run by very geeky humans vs. zombies tag enthusiasts) soon acquired more and more features, including my Updater App.

The idea behind the ECHO Team Updater App is to create a system where ECHO team members can quickly update their status in the game (such as being killed by a zombie). Right now, ECHO team members receive these  kinds of updates and news through texting the team captain, who then texts all the members in a group text. If there was a communal system that each member could access quickly and easily, updates would be faster. Also, the app would display status in a centralized way, so current member status would be more visible.

So far the Updater project is just a web app, but I hope to expanding to mobile devises.

Here is a screen shot of it so far:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.54.37 PM


The ECHO Team Updater App is scheduled for release on the web by next Fall quarter.


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