XBees and Musical Lights

Right now for the TLA I am focusing on separating the interactive console part from the actual lights by enabling the two to wireless talk to each other. This I am doing using XBees. These are little wireless development things that can communicate with an Arduino board using the serial input and output.

The console part of the system will be programmable and interactive. It will take input from button presses, and turn that into a series of letters and numbers and send that over the XBees.

The traffic light part of the system will also have an Arduino. However, this Arduino won’t do much. It will take in the series of letters and numbers coming over the XBees, and turn lights on and off accordingly.

So far I’ve been working on the traffic light end, the end that takes in letters and numbers, and have been developing an simple lights-on-and-off language. I hadn’t really foreseen this, but so far I’ve actually created this a really fun little program. You type in letters and numbers into the serial console, and lights blink on and off. I’ve even made up little “songs” for them. 😀 I don’t know why, but this totally makes my day.

Next steps: legit flashing Christmas light display on our house.


My “lights language” so far:

0 => 48 =>
1 => 49 => delay(100); //16th
2 => 50 => delay(200); //8th
3 => 51 => delay(400); //quarter
4 => 52 => delay(800); //half
5 => 53 => delay(1200); //dotted half
6 => 54 => delay(1600); //whole
7 => 55 =>
8 => 56 =>
9 => 57 =>

r => 114 => red off
R => 82  => red on
y => 121 => yellow off
Y => 89  => yellow on
g => 103 => green off
G => 71  => green on


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