Updater Web App 1.0 is ready for it’s first quarter of Zombie Tag

Define being “finished” with a project…

But, as for the Updater App, it’s ready for it’s first quarter of use. In case you haven’t seen earlier posts, this web app is for members of ECHO Team, a group of University of Washington Humans vs. Zombies Tag enthusiasts. This app will allow team members to quickly update their game status in one central location.

The app basically has two pages. The first page (figure 1) is the main game page. This page is generated by php, and pulls information from .txt files and displays it in a table.

Figure 1. Main page

Figure 1. Main page

The second page (figure 2) has an HTML form for submitting updates. These updates are sent off as a post.

Figure 2: "updater" page

Figure 2: “updater” page

In addition to these two pages, there is a third php file and a javascript file. The third php file takes posts from the updater page and processes them into .txt files. The javascript file just adds some nice touches to the updater page. For example, the “time of death” part of the form remains hidden until the “Died” radio is clicked.

Technically there is also a CSS file, but most of the styling you see in figures 1 and 2 comes from the overall ECHO site style sheets.

Improvements that I would like to see happen include security procedures (right now there is no login system, and it’s pretty much assumed that people will submit nice things in the form), and more interactive javascript elements (such as graphs and different color codes for dead vs alive on the main page). That will be Updater App 1.2.


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