The Pipe Organ Foundation

On the 17th and 24th of September I went to the Pipe Organ Foundation. The Pipe Organ Foundation (POF) is basically an organization that installs organs build from recycled parts for a much lower cost than it would be to build a new organ. I went to their home location and helped with different tasks. I sanded small wooden pipes, sorted led pipes, drilled holes, and did lots of wiring.

Figure 1. The holes

Figure 1. The holes


Figure 2. Wiring close up

One interesting tidbit I learned at the POF was about Forstner drill bits. These are drill bits that drill holes with flat bottoms. I really like the idea of drilling holes with flat bottoms, and had tired to do this on many previous projects without as much success as with a Forstner drill bit.

The wiring I did (Fig. 2) was for an electro pneumatic rack. Basically this is a rack that holds pipes, and uses both electricity and air pressure to make the pipes make noise (or speak). (Fig. 3) More specifically, electricity energizes an electromagnet, which then causes some sort of mechanical action that sucks air out of a little pouch. The little pouch compressing then causes some more mechanical action which opens up the pipe and allows air from the windchests (they are like the lungs of an organ) to flow though.

Figure 3. Electro pneumatic action

Anyway, I learned a whole bunch of other nifty things as well, but I thought electro pneumatic action was the most interesting. Sometimes I wonder why I go to school…


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