Grawmet II is ready for Calibration

Figure 1. Grawmet II fully assembled.

Figure 1. Grawmet II fully assembled.

As seen in Figure 1, my fully assembled Grawmet II! Well, fully assembled is a relative term. I keep fiddling with it and finding things that will make it better.

Calibration means I will be measuring the printer’s movement, and comparing that to the amount of movement specified in the printer firmware. For example, the printer could be told to move 1mm, but actually move 0.8mm. This difference, if known, can be compensated for in the code by inserting some simple multiplication factors. I will also be measuring how much filament is extruded and doing something similar with that.

I neglected to make a post about this, but in the last weeks of summer break (which was quite awhile ago now) I was able to command my printer to move for the first time!! That was a really cool experience. Making 3D prints is just around the corner, so long as I don’t have too much homework.


Yeah…. thank you to whoever made this. It gave me a laugh. 🙂


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