Learning about SEO

Lately I have been working on a website for a friend, and as part of this I have been delving into Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). A lot of this has been related to WordPress, since I am using the WordPress CMS to make my friend’s web site.

In my understanding, SEO seems to just boil down to web development good practices, such as including descriptions in your <meta> tags, and arranging your site files in a sensible way. Beyond that there are a few other things I am doing:

  • I’musing a handy SEO plugin to my friends website from Yoast. This allows me to see how most search engines pull snippets from the pages of my friend’s site, which I am able to edit. I am also able to add key word tags to pages.
  • I’m checking to make sure all the links that users possibly post in comments have the “nofollow” attribute. (Right now I have set the WP comment fields not to show up by applying a display: none; in css, but just to be safe…)

I’ve also been learning about other services such as Google’s webmaster tool, where you can remove urls from Google. Apparently you can also do this by editing your .htaccess file.

Hopefully the site will be done by Christmas. Work on it is going pretty slowly because of school, and a confidential book illustration project that I am also working on. I can’t wait for Christmas break so I can hit more of the projects on my list… My 3D printer still needs to be calibrated, my portfolio needs to have the CSS finished and the content polished, my church desperately needs someone to get the content strategy of our website in line, I have a painting to finish, an airplane flying manual to read, and another friend wants me to paint a mural of birds in her attic. Such is the life.


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