The Can-Stove

Earlier this week I saw a tutorial via Facebook on how to make a stove out of a can.

I was intrigued (fire!), and so I decided to try it myself. It was quite simple to make. The only problem I ran into was in using 70% isopropyl alcohol. It wouldn’t stay lit. When I tried some 99% isopropyl alcohol however, it worked very well.

About 1/2 an inch of alcohol in the stove lasted for 10 – 15 minutes. I should have timed this more exactly, but it skipped my mind when I remembered that I had marshmallows…

photo 1

Figure 1. Using the new stove to roast marshmallows instead of doing our homework.

Figure 2 shows the burn marks left after the flame went out, which are kind of cool looking. You can really tell were the combustion was occurring.

photo 2

Figure 2. The stove after burning for several minutes.

After a quick internet search, it looks like there are several different methods for making stoves out of cans. I will have to try them and compare results. 🙂


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