Brainwave troubles…

The problem: the micro-USB port broke off my first Brainwave board. Then I was given another Brainwave board, but that one the potentiometer for the Y-axis is dysfunctional (it perpetually overheats…).

For the past three weeks now I’ve been trying to debug these problems. I’ve adjusted the potentiometer, I’ve re-soldered the surface mount 0ohm resister for that potentiometer, and on the other board I have painstakingly tried to reattach the micro-USB port with solder and superglue.

photo 2

Figure 1. Where the USB port is supposed to be….

photo 1

Figure 2. Brainwave sans USB port

Trying to solder the tiny contacts for the USB port is pretty much a lost cause.

Anyway, I talked to my 3D printing compatriot, Sorensen, who gave me some ideas for next steps. I may try getting a new potentiometer that will fit on the board, and switch it out for the dysfunctional one. I could also just find a multimeter, and use that for adjusting the potentiometer. It may be that it’s really finicky in terms of adjustment.

But for now I will eat snacks and work on documentation for this other 3D printer kit.


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