About this blog –

This blog is for the documentation of my engineering and engineering-related projects. The idea is that I will have a log of what I’ve done for my own reference, and anyone who is interested in my projects can easily get detailed information.

Some of the ongoing projects that I often reference to:

Hand Turned Bowls Website: This is an online store website that I am currently developing for a friend.

ECHO Team Updater Web App: This is a simple web app that I developed to allow my Humans vs. Zombies Tag playing friends to easily share information about game status in a central location.

Grawmet 3D printer:  Grawmet is a 3D kit developed by Washington Open Object Fabricators (WOOF), of which I am a member. WOOF is a student run organization at the University of Washington, and is loosely associated with the Additive Manufacturing Lab in the UW Mechanical Engineering Department. I am building the Grawmet second edition (Grawmet 2). I also helped out with a first edition Grawmet.

Past projects:

Traffic Light Arduino Platform (TLA): The TLA is a project that I worked on during the spring and summer of 2013 in conjunction with professor Andy in the University of Washington’s HCDE department. It’s a set of traffic lights from Seattle City Light wired to an Arduino board. Previously, it has been used as a educational demo for teaching middle school children about binary numbers. I worked towards turning it into a multi-purpose use platform.

– 3D Printed Boat: “The Boat”, as it is fondly referred to by the team, is another project within Washington Open Object Fabricators. This boat was made entirely out of recycled HDPE milk jugs, and was raced in the Seattle SeaFair Milk Carton Boat Derby. Here are articles by Open 3DP3Ders.org, and The Seattle Times on the 2012 boat, and by The Seattle Times on the 2013 boat.


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