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Coding Dojo Graduation!

The past 3 months have pretty busy for me! I’ve been attending a Coding Dojo bootcamp: an intensive training program in web development.¬†Even though I came to the bootcamp with prior web development experience, I still learned a lot. I graduated as, what they call, a “Double Black Belt Ninja” which just means I now know LAMP, MEAN and Ruby on Rails stacks.



I did it!

During the bootcamp I also worked on Bird Box Science’s social networking site. At graduation I got to demo the site in front of other people for the first time. There is still more to be done, but current working features include:

  • responsive design
  • login and registration
  • password encryption and password reset
  • user profiles
  • bird box profiles
  • likeing/following
  • comments


The Bird Box Science website, in it's first demo.

The Bird Box Science website, in it’s first demo

Behind the scenes on the BBS website.

Behind the scenes on the BBS website.



Job Hunting, Bird Box Science, and Coding Dojo

Merry Christmas!

Since graduating in June I’ve been on the job hunt. I went to Startup Weekend in October to network with people, which lead to the birth of a new project for me: Bird Box Science. Bird Box Science is a project where people with bird houses equipped with sensors contribute data to an online database and social networking community. It’s a great activity for kids and bird enthusiasts.


Being a bird enthusiast myself¬† I’ve had a lot of fun with it, especially when I got to go help make the Kickstarter video and I got to meet a live Barn Owl named Gus.


We ended up taking first place at Startup Weekend, which was awesome! I totally wasn’t expecting that. Trying to find a job can be depressing at times, so seeing my work accomplish something was very encouraging.

Part of the prize from Started Weekend was a free seat in one of Coding Dojo‘s coding bootcamps.

I’ll be starting the bootcamp on January 5th, and will finish on March 27th. I’m excited to learn more about web development. Right now I’m really just a front end dev, but soon I will have full stack skills and be able to do way more cool things. The only thing I’m nervous about is driving around on not enough sleep…