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Giddy Up Girls’ New Website

So, there’s this project I’ve been working on that’s been under wraps for a long time…

But now I can talk about it! Woot!

Basically I was hired by a brand new publishing company to do the illustrations for their first book, and design and build their website. The book, a mystery where two girls and a service dog solve the case of a missing horse, will be coming out on September 7th, and as of a few days ago, the website is live. Check it out: giddyupgirlsbooks.com

This has been a pretty special project for me. Jordan, one of the co-authors, has a unique genetic abnormality that keeps her from doing a lot of things people normally do, including speaking. (Read more about her story here and here.) The story and plot-line are all her ideas. She is able to communicate those ideas to Rachelle, her nurse, who understands her very well. Rachelle then typed those idea up to create the finished story. Helping make Jordan’s story come to life has been one of those things that make me feel like God has good uses for me in this world.


There’s a Thrush in my Closet!

In preparation for painting a mural at the house of some friends, I painted a Swainson’s Thrush inside my closet. I wanted to get a feel for how my paints work with a textured wall. Fig 1. shows the finished result.


Figure 1. The finished result.

My room is already painted with many birds, except I did them when I was 11 years old. The contrast of my skills between now and when I was 11 is a bit amusing.