Updater App Post-Use Reflection

It’s now several weeks since the week-long Human’s Vs. Zombies tag game, and now I am reporting how my app was used by my team members. This is form my perspective, as a user of my own app.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.17.50 PM

The number one thing I noticed was that some people were more into updating it than others. For example, I know some people where even updating stats for their friends who never did any updating at all.

Secondly, team members who were not playing where still included. I felt like this was a bit clutter-y.

Recommendations for improvements include:

  • A way to integrate check-in should be integrating in the second release.
  • An automatic resent could be included.
  • This thing is not secure at all. Any sensible developer would add more checks to the input fields.
  • More CSS and Javascript driven styles for better clarity of reading.

Anyway, there were a bunch of good things that I noticed. First, people actually used it! That is just too cool for an aspiring UX designer. 🙂 One user was even promoting it’s use, and referencing too it during our game. Also, it’s open nature allowed players to update for their friends, which helped keep the stats current.


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